Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jan. 12, 2011: The Cardicis3 community remembers

Today the members of Cardicis III remember January 12, 2010.

One year ago today Haiti was hit by one of the most trying events of its history. The 5 year old Cardicis community launched Cardicis III in response to the earthquake. What better time to exercise Caribbean solidarity, the very mission of Cardicis?

Various Haitians and friends of Haiti working in technology and development in Europe, Africa, Haiti and the Americas were summoned for the cause. They met for the first official Cardicis III meeting in Santo Domingo in June 2010.

A foundation was created which is currently in the process of selecting its first projects, most of which will be run and implemented by Cardicis III members present and future.

If you are interested in contributing your talents with Cardicis III to the future of Haiti, please stay tuned to this blog by becoming a follower, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.